Meet Our Team

Here at Pool Brothers Cabinets + Flooring + Lighting, we believe the best way to carry out our mission - to provide functional living spaces and floors that will last - is to work as a team. We are truly blessed to have a well rounded team to help us see our mission to fruition.

Keith Pool

Co-Owner / Business Director

Keith is an Albany native and has been in the flooring business for 17 years. What started out as a part time venture to help him while he was attending Darton College has turned into his career. Though Keith spends a lot of time in the office, it hasn't always been that way. He started his career on his hands and knees installing floors. As the company grew, Keith started handling the business side and now devotes his attention to the internal side of the business as David focuses on the external. Keith's daily duties are: reviewing estimates, overseeing the entire operation and overseeing the companies financials.

David Pool

Co-Owner / Field Operation Manager / Sales

David is a Albany native and has been in the flooring business for 17 years. Flooring was not David's first business. He began his construction career as an interior trim carpenter where learned to pay close attention to details. He started his own interior trim business when he was 18. David attended Darton as well, and after he finished his 2 year degree he decided to stay with his trim business.  Five years later, when he was 23, he and Keith started Pool Brothers. David's primary focus is on the external side of the business. He is responsible for everything that takes place in the field. His daily duties include looking at upcoming jobs for quotes, overseeing jobs that are in progress and managing the Project Managers.

Stephanie Hawke

Showroom, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Stephanie began her career thirty two years ago in the cable advertising business after graduating from Auburn University. She will be helping with business to business relationships, marketing to builders, designers, realtors and home owners, as well customer service and event planning.

Jamie Owens

Project Manager / Sales

Jamie is a Albany native. Jamie has been in the flooring business for 14 years and has a gift at seeing details. Jamie has been with Pool Bros for 5 years as a serves and sales person and project manager. Some of Jamie's daily duties include the following: looking at and quoting potential jobs, managing current jobs and handing any call back issues.

Bill Pool

Project Manager

Bill is the Father of David and Keith. The brothers credit their dad with what they believe is one of their greatest attributes, namely: a strong work ethic. Keith and David both remember their dad working extremely hard while they were growing up and Bill expected the same out of them. Bill was an electrician by trade, and many of the skills he learned in that field help him with his duties at Pool Brothers. Bill's main duties are as follows: delivering material, inspecting all tile projects at completion, taking moisture readings, keeps our shop in order and stocked and keeps tools up and going.

Michael Lloyd

Project Manager

Michael is an Americus, Georgia native. Michael has been in the flooring business for 13 years, and 7 of those years has been with Pool Brothers. Michael oversees our tile installations. Michael is extremely particular and talented in his trade. He helps David and Keith carry out their mission of providing quality flooring work. Some of Michael's duties include the following: overseeing and managing current projects, training new hires how to install flooring and helping current employees take their next steps to growing in the company.

Chad Garrett

Project Manager / Wood Finishing Manager

Chad is a Albany native and has been working with Pool Bros since 2008. Chad is over our sanding and finishing department and handles most of the staining and coating of hardwood floors.

Dana Jamison Davis

Lighting Consultant

Dana is a native of Albany, Georgia. After Darton College, Dana began her career in the family business at Albany Lighting. It was there that she worked with builders, designers and home owners to select the perfect lighting packages for their homes and business. We are excited about Dana's twenty five years of lighting expertise that she brings to Pool Brothers Cabinets, Flooring and Lighting.

Ivy Gooch

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Ivy is our Kitchen and Bath designer.  She comes to us with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Georgia Southern University. She is an Albany native and is so excited to be back in her hometown designing living spaces.  Ivy enjoys traveling, spending time friends and family and learning more about architecture and design! For all of her projects, Ivy ensures her designs meet the clients' expectations, manages client relationships and oversees the processing of her clients' selections.