Meet Our Team

Here at Pool Brothers Cabinets + Flooring + Lighting, we believe the best way to carry out our mission - to provide functional living spaces and floors that will last - is to work as a team. We are truly blessed to have a well rounded team to help us see our mission to fruition.

David Pool

Co-Owner / Field Operation Manager / Sales

David is a Albany native and has been in the flooring business for 17 years. Flooring was not David's first business. He began his construction career as an interior trim carpenter where learned to pay close attention to details. He started his own interior trim business when he was 18. David attended Darton as well, and after he finished his 2 year degree he decided to stay with his trim business.  Five years later, when he was 23, he and Keith started Pool Brothers. David's primary focus is on the external side of the business. He is responsible for everything that takes place in the field. His daily duties include looking at upcoming jobs for quotes, overseeing jobs that are in progress and managing the Project Managers.