Our refined finishes give your floors the durability to stand up to the life in your home.


At Pool Brothers our main focus is helping you, the customer, find the floor that fits your needs. With our vast inventory we are able to help you find flooring that is what you want and need while staying within your budget.  Once you have selected the product perfect for you, we go to work so it is installed to manufacturer specifications.  This way, you receive a floor that has a full manufacturer's warranty.  Why is this important?  Because what most people don't realize is that the majority of flooring errors occur during the installation phase, which can leave you with a partial or completely voided warranty!  Not good; not acceptable.  That's why we research thoroughly and train meticulously with every product we provide.  We want to make sure you are covered from start to finish.  From making sure that your wood is properly acclimatized upon delivery, to the final inspection upon completion, we are there making sure the highest quality craftsmanship is put into your floor.  

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Finishing & Refinishing Hardwood

Did you recently move into an older house with quality wood flooring in terrible shape?  Or pull up some old carpet and discover the wood floor underneath in less than ideal condition?  Did you know that we can restore old wood to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of getting new flooring?  Even better, with our Bona Dust Containment system we can make sure that the dust produced from sanding your wood floor goes with us and isn't scattered all over your house!  We will also work closely with you to help you select a stain color and sheen level to create the finish you desire.  Ask about our Pallman Magic Oil finish that allows you to be back on your floor in a couple of days instead of weeks!


When it comes to hardwood flooring certain products work better in certain conditions.  That's why we offer a product for every scenario.  We will work closely with you to help you select the material that will work best for your space and your needs so that you are left with a floor that you will love for years to come.

Some of the hardwood options we offer are:

- Solid site-finished hardwood

- Solid pre-finished hardwood

- Engineered site-finished hardwood

- Pre-finished hardwood

That's a lot of options, but we're ready, willing and able to help you find your flooring style.

Selecting your wood is step 1, but step 2 (the installation process) is by far the most important.  Did you know that wood is like a sponge?  It expands and contracts due to moisture.  New wood flooring that hasn't had time to acclimate to the moisture level in the environment when it is installed can buckle and bow out.  That is why proper acclimation and moisture testing is so important.  You may be ready for your new floor but your new floor may not be ready for you!  If anyone tells you that this phase can be rushed, they aren't the professional for you. We'll handle testing the moisture levels in your new wood, as well as the existing subfloor to make sure that the levels are compatible and meet industry standards.  All this insures you get a floor done right.

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Installation Service

As Pool Brothers grows and expands into more and more areas, we continue to offer all of the services you've come to depend on us for.  As always, we offer our installation services to anyone, whether we provide the product or you do.  If you have purchased your flooring somewhere else but are hesitant to install it yourself, fear not!  We give you that same attention to detail and commitment to quality that you have come to know and love us for.  

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